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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
2:50 PM

I'm finally back! ...and my excuse for being gone so long is... no inspiration, a slow computer and exams. Yep. All three problems are fixed now. I finished my exams 3 days before TC5's concert, and my dad gave me his old laptop - which is still a thousand times better than my old computer. And I've spent the past two days blabbing all about how much I love it everywhere. If anyone's wondering why I'm not on the boards from dawn to dusk anymore, it's because I'm too busy tinkering with all the things this computer lets me do!

Oh, and I think this is the perfect time for me to explain my new alias -
Quatre. It's French for the number four, and you pronounce it as ca-utt. The story behind this, is that last Saturday, during youth church, we had to perform skits and we got split into three different groups. One was for boys, one was for girls, and the last one was especially for the Korean visitors from KL International Church. Now, each group only had like 8 or 9 people, at the most. Why? Because my youth church is still small and unknown, and we only got established last year in March, so yeah.

Anyway, so of, course, I was in the girls group, and we were randomly throwing ideas around about what our performance should be, since we only had 20 minutes to figure it out. Since there were eight of us, we thought of the Snow White and 7 Dwarfs concept. Eventually, this changed to the concept of a single mother with seven daughters, and like the seven dwarfs, each one had their own personality (I asked to be the confused one). To make things comical, we made the oldest and tallest girl in our group, into the youngest daughter, who's a spoiled brat.

So, then we needed names. My group leader's studying French, so she suddenly labeled us from one to seven in French, and I got number four -
Quatre. Do you all wanna hear more about the skit? Well, doesn't matter if you don't want to, because I'm telling you anyhow.

The plot of the skit was that the seven daughters all acted loving and happy together when their mother was around, but the moment she turned her back, the daughters started fighting and bickering amongst themselves. One day,
Quatre finally loses her cool when the confusion about her sisters behavior gets to be too much for her... and she runs away. Her sisters don't notice she's gone, of course, and when their mother comes home and realizes that her fourth daughter's missing, the truth about her daughters comes out and she's devastated. The ending is that the daughters finally work together, like a real family, and bring Quatre home.

Well, that was the plan. We only came up with that in a minute, so we were actually whispering to one another on-stage what to do and when, because we didn't have time to co-ordinate and fix the events correctly. And I actually did a good job of freaking out like Quatre's supposed to, but in the end, after they found me (I hid behind a curtain in the back of the room), we should have finished our skit with the lesson of that popular phrase from Lilo and Stitch - "Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." - but we didn't.

Things went out of control, and I think everyone didn't know what to do next, so the ending was weird. The good thing about this, is that the guys group also had the same problem, so the Koreans (their skit was pretty simple and it's what we were meant to do - something simple with a clear message - but also, a tad bit boring) won.

And this long drawling story explains why I'm calling myself
Quatre now. On the internet, anyways. My new LJ and Skype accounts are http://quatrex.livejournal.com and xquatre. It beats using Jayne for everything, all the time.

Moving on, I've downloaded iTunes and Limewire onto my computer! How I love speed and free space. Oh, and Taking 5 too. Yay! And, much to my humiliation, I finally got Greetings From Imrie House. I have no idea why my thirteen-year old self didn't like Just The Girl or Catch Your Wave, and now, my sixteen-year old self loves them. I keep listening to I'll Take My Chances too. Sigh.

I'm still using my old speakers, but the songs are definitely different when played on this computer if compared to when they're played on my old one. Like Monsoon. I'm suddenly in love with it again, for some reason. I can hear sounds on the track which I couldn't hear when my old computer played it. Same goes for Believe Me I'm Lying by Forever The Sickest Kids.

I'll just reply everyone who's been leaving messages in my Cbox which I haven't answered yet, now. :]

ly : hahaha i break my own lamedar XD
Yes, you do. :D

cynthia : *breaks everyone's lamedar* *runs*
You have to pay for the broken lamedars! :O

: YOUR EXAMS END TODAYYYYY~! *smacks cyn* stop breaking our lamedars, hun. XDDD
Yep, they did! & yes totally agree to the last bit.

: you have fun at the click show and at the airport tmw sweetie! :D
I had the best time at both, Lizzette! Thanks!

LOL you said it three times! :D But of, course I did! *hugs Sylvia*

: Hey Jayne!! Just dropping by to say hi! Haha over the click mood yet?
Hey May! Haha not at all. I just saw some vids from Genting, and now I'm having post-concert depression again. Just when I got over it. Sigh.

This is an update. :]

eliada : hello jaynebb ily! update your blog! its dead D:
I know! D: Hope this revives it.

d. eb : Oooh, this is a pretty layout. ;D
Yep! Searched Blogskins.com for quite awhile to find it. :]

I know I've always been promising an all-pictures post, but this post is turning long, again. So, I'll save it for the next time (don't worry, I can blog as much as I want now so maybe I'll stop writing such long, winding books every time I update and update more often).

I will let you have one picture, though.

Yes, that is Ben Romans, and this was taken by Melissa Tan during the Genting TC5 concert. What's so special about it, you might ask? Well, I uploaded it onto one of my albums in Facebook, and tagged Ben, so guess what? He's using it as his profile picture now!

That's a great honor for Melissa, and everyone's been commenting about how much of an awesome picture it is. And, it really is awesome! :]

Oh, and if anyone doesn't see their blog link on my listing, please tell me. When I was re-doing my layout, I forgot to save the links somewhere, so after I cleared everything, I had to re-write them, and I'm not sure if I missed anyone.