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Name: Jayne Lee Mei Ying
Age: 16 years old
Date of Birth: June 29th 1992
Location: Malaysia

Touch a feeling you've never had.
Hear a voice you didn't know.
See a person you hadn't thought of.

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Friday, February 22, 2008
3:31 AM

I feel left behind, sometimes. Everything's so different now, and I'm completely detached from all of it. I can only watch from the sidelines, and wonder about what could've been. I feel somewhat jealous, eventhough I wouldn't trade what I have now for that.

I've watched too much Project Runway. The colors of the fabrics tempt me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008
11:11 PM

This day is more significant than it should be. One year ago, I told myself it was over. And this year, it is. I'm guarding my heart for someone else now. And he is just perfect. He's the dream I always wanted.

The one who made me smile when he asked if I was really sure about getting coconut juice for a drink. Who told me to try the star-apple. Who made me laugh when he showed me the barrel-man. Who makes me feel like a total child, sometimes.

Oh, my gosh. He's indescribable. I melt, I grin, I daydream at the thought of him. What makes it so sweet is that he actually knows who I am. What makes it like a fairytale is that we met as children and didn't remember it. Well, I don't. Now, I wish I did.

All I remember is being cold, sleepy and annoyed that McD wasn't serving anything other than the breakfast menu that early morning, 8 years ago. How I long to go back in time and relive the past. I was probably half-asleep; that's why I don't remember anything.

Really. God gives you the most unexpected blessings. I'm grateful that he was overseas in the USA, when I went back 2 years ago. I was a wreck, then. But, I'm not now. And he's back too.

Miracle of a chance,
If love was truly meant to be,
It's rightful course,
would take place...
...in the most heartbreaking ways.
- Jayne.

My heart is for you only, Carlos.

Have a sweet Valentine's everyone.