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Name: Jayne Lee Mei Ying
Age: 16 years old
Date of Birth: June 29th 1992
Location: Malaysia

Touch a feeling you've never had.
Hear a voice you didn't know.
See a person you hadn't thought of.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008
16 Tries To Get It Right
9:24 PM

For the record, I'm writing this on the 30th of June, but I set the date to the 29th, because I want to at least see my birth date on my blog for once. With that cleared up... thank you so much to everyone who greeted me/gave me something on my birthday this year! This really was the best birthday I've ever had, so far.

This is the very first birthday I've celebrated with all of you guys, my very true best friends, and that's why it'll always be so special to me. I'm so grateful to God for having given me the chance to meet you all, and I know I say it all the time, but it's something I'll just never get over. If I didn't have all of you, I'd never have had any of the experiences we've had together, and those experiences are the ones I treasure most.

Thank you for giving me the best birthday gift ever: real friendship.

Sixteen times I've gone down this road
thinking that happiness was store-bought
that greetings didn't matter
and I could be satisfied with superficial love.

The fifteenth time however
everything crumbled and
the fake facade gave way to
misery and betrayal.

I thought I would never find out
what it meant to truly say
we'd be best friends forever
and stay that way.

Ready to kick out all that my life was
throw away my past
run into the future with dim hope
and try not to cry there.

A random twist of fate
a snap of it's fingers and
the blessing of a life made anew
I met all of you.

Sixteen years alone
but the sixteenth time forgiven
finally I know
how it feels to belong.