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Saturday, May 3, 2008
2:56 AM

This is the outcome of reading, doing, eating, breathing only mathematics for about a week or so, every single day: I now see cyclic quadrilaterals forming from the diamond shapes on my bathroom's tiled-wall.

I just finished doing the chapter on probability, and now, I'm thinking that the probability of incredibly hard probability questions coming out in the exam, is very scarce, based on the questions I've been doing, which are accumulated questions on probability from all the past exams. At least, I'd be able to do the first two parts of the question with little probability of me making a mistake. See, this is what I mean!

Ok, fine. I admit it. I purposely worded that whole paragraph with the maximum amount of usage of the word probability that was allowed, just to prove a point, but I was literally thinking that way just now. Imagine what vectors and matrices will do to me, then. Actually, I don't think matrices will do much, since matrices seem pretty useless to me (eventhough, their questions are kind of hard to solve).

On the bright side, knowing that I only have about five or so more chapters of maths to analyze and decipher, helps me to stay calm. The probability that I can finish all of them by the end of this weekend is one in two. Meaning, I can either do it or don't. So, pray I can do it, or else my study time for the other three subjects is going to be put in jeopardy.

Here's some motivation for you to pray for me! If I can finish my maths fast enough, I might have some spare time to compose a new fic chapter (for those of you who read my fic, which would mean everyone). Fair deal?

Getting off the subject of exams and maths and probabilities, I bought a new book today, after much hesitation and searching through the cluttered and haphazard shelves of Borders' YA Lit. section. I only have very limited space left in my book-drawer, and I still have seven other books I intend on buying, once they hit Malaysian shores (if ever...).

15% off all full-priced English and Malay books! Not even 50%. Pshhh. My brother misheard me and got all excited because he thought he could buy his hard-cover Warrior series (it's about wild cats who have clans and legacies and wars in a forest) books, since he can't normally, thanks to hard-covers being exorbitantly-priced, and our dad being so stingy that he once bought the hard-cover for my brother, without realizing it cost so much, and once he found out it was more expensive than usual, photo-copied the book for my brother and returned it to the store for the credit.

My brother was pissed, to say the least. Even he knows that having a photocopied version, is not only stealing, but that it's not the same for someone who prizes his favorite book series, and would rather have the nicely-bound original copy, than the knock-off (of, course).

It's weird how my brother and I used to be at odds with each other all the time when we were little, and now, we're like so alike, and he's the sibling closest to me, too. I think going to art class together, taking piano lessons together, and him hating and liking the same stuff all falls into the equation, I guess. Did you all know that if he didn't ask me to get him Jenny, I'd never have started liking TC5, never have joined the boards, and we all would never have met and become friends?


It's amazing what one simple action can trigger. Keep this in mind, the next time you want to travel back in time, and rectify your past mistakes.

This blog is getting a little bland, without pictures and links, isn't it? It's all just words, words, words. Ok, if I go to the Neue Format Design Mart at +Wondermilk, this Sunday afternoon, then, maybe I might bring back some pictures or a non-academic/profound knowledge story, so you don't have to think so much.

Provided, of, course, that Lee Yee or somebody else accompanies me! (I don't want to go mingle with a crowd of college students all by myself. I could barely walk into the front lobby of KDU without fainting) I could have gone with Winnie, but she didn't know it was falling on this Sunday, so she's now off on her way to P. Redang for a weekend of sun, surf and beach.

I think I know how anorexic people feel, now. Due to my hard-core studying habits, I only eat one meal a day at night, once I'm done with my work, and chores. Sometimes, I eat a late-lunch, before that. But, once I'm done eating, I start feeling like I'm a pig and get a bit down. Eventhough, I should be eating three meals a day, and I know that only one meal is pushing it. But, I've had this dietary schedule for longer than just these past few weeks, in reality.

I haven't eaten breakfast normally since standard 4. I used to fall asleep in the afternoons after school, when I was in lower secondary, so I'd miss lunch then too. Which brings me to only eating dinner, sometimes. It's like normalcy for me now, so I guess I'm slightly paranoid that if I change that, and eat regular meals again, I'll put on weight. It's not crazy; it's common sense. I don't lose weight from eating only one or two meals a day, so I might gain weight if I add to it.

Yes, this is why I get why anorexic people find it so hard to eat, when they've gone without it for so long. Please don't call a psychiatrist or rehabilitation hospital on me, now that I've told you this, ok.


I still like eating ice-cream, potato chips, candy, cookies, cake, and all that. It's not like I'm turning completely anorexic and starving myself. Just skipping meals! Nothing to worry about. Really. Once I'm done with my exams, and Click comes and leaves, I'm sure I'll have more time to focus on my snacking, then.

I find it so funny that my music player switched to Flipside, right after Inside You. A joke you probably won't get, if you're not a TC5 enthusiast. Ok, I must tape my mouth shut, and tie my hands up now, because this post has gotten to be two million miles long, thanks to my incessantly-wandering mind wanting to write down every single thought it gets, and using superfluous words and adjectives in it's sentences. Like, right now.