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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Some New Words
7:37 PM

Yay! I got my blog a new skin, and it's way more inspiring than my old one (and I get to cram more stuff into one web-page). After all, blogs are like your online soul, so it's crucial to get it just the right skin. I prefer navigational skins, since it makes it feel more interactive and then, you don't just stare at everything all spread out on one front-page. You get to visit their individual rooms! I'm lame, yes.

So, my exams are getting closer, and closer, and there's only two more weeks before the first paper, so I'm scrambling to get through my math, and then my biology. Plus, I still have this thick 800-page book on world history to read! And then, my neglected Geography books are pushed all the way back, but then again, Geography's easy to read and remember. Still, there's so much stuff to read.

But, the fact, that soon I'll be free, and partying up in Genting, motivates me to keep studying (besides, I like studying, just not the part where my answers come out wrong...) everyday. Oh, yeah! The Borders anniversary book-sale is this week. I hope they got new shipments in, already. The Luxe, Extras, Ink Exchange, The Sweet Farthing... I've been wanting them for practically forever now. And I really need some new reading material before my English starts degrading.


I hope Claire can convince her parents to let her go to Genting instead of her cousin's wedding. We already bought the tickets! Sigh. Family functions suck. Like, it's just a compulsory thing you do because your parents make you do it, and it completely doesn't matter that you don't know anyone there, and nobody would notice if you went or not. Grrr.

Oh, and we're going to make a giant Chatgasm emoticon dice to bring to the Click concert. :]

I'm thinking styrofoam bases, then I'll use my acrylic paints to paint them on, and then wrap the six-sides in clear plastic (if we bring it to the concert, the styrofoam wouldn't be able to survive on it's own D:), and then assemble it using sticky tack! So, you can un-assemble and re-assemble for transporting convenience. See, I'm innovative!

In this life
Give me love
Give me light
Show me everything that's been happening
Open up my eyes
- In This Life, Delta Goodrem

I really need to open up my eyes. Literally. Lately, I've been doing so many things without inadequate light, that my eyes are getting weaker. I just prefer being in the dark to the light, see. So, I usually keep the fluorescent lights off, when the sun's still shining outside, eventhough it's quite dark inside. But, it's exhausting my eyes. ):

My dad bought me a yellow-green sweater from Africa which I can't use in Malaysian weather, and won't use up in Genting, because obviously I'll be wearing my hoodie to the concert. And I now have another cat decoration in my room - it's a paperweight cat sculpture with brown fur-tones, and a speckled white tail. Very classy. Sort-of.

Oh, and my mom asked me if I wanted to go see a movie tomorrow, since it's Labour Day and it being a holiday and all. Which is kinda strange, since my mom generally thinks we go to the cinema more than we should. But, whatever. So, I'm thinking Definitely, Maybe. The rest of the other stuff isn't too appealing, and apparently, Definitely, Maybe's a good movie?

Actually, if I hadn't forgotten to call my youth church pastor's wife on Monday, we'd be watching The 11th Hour (that global warming documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio) tomorrow instead, since she said that she'd gotten 20 free tickets for anyone in our youth group who's interested. Oh, well. I accidentally watched half of An Inconvenient Truth on Sunday anyway, and that was enough for me.

Ok, enough of an update for now. See ya! :]