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Monday, April 7, 2008
Ink Exchange
11:40 PM

I am so pissed off at Borders. Why can't they organize and restock their YA section better?! The section for authors with last names beginning with letter B is nearly empty, and what books left there are folded and kind of squashed up-looking.

And I want several new books, all of which won't be arriving here anytime soon, despite their release date having passed. Oh, sure, I can definitely order it from Borders but it'll also make them an extra chunkload of cash, wouldn't it?!

Evil, conniving, ruthless business people. :(

This is the one book that I am wanting the most, right now... and won't get until who knows when:

Ink Exchange is the sequel (or companion book, as the author calls it) to Wicked Lovely, a book about fairies and a girl who's can see them and is being stalked by their king to become his bride. Well, it's actually more complicated than that.

See, there are three dominant forces at work here: The Summer King, The Winter Queen and The King of the Dark Court. The reigning Summer King has no power, in fact, because of a deal struck between the Winter Queen (his mother) and the King of the Dark Court, Irial. Apparently, his mother murdered his father, the former Summer King and bound all his power, so that winter would be prevalent and summer would disappear.

Or something like that.

So, to break the curse or deal or whatever, the Summer King has to find and marry the Summer Queen. Except that he's been looking for nine centuries and still hasn't found her.

Instead, for every girl he chooses, in the hopes that they may be the sought-after Summer Queen, the girl loses her mortality, becomes a fairy and has to choose between the safety of being another Summer Girl (basically, becoming part of the king's harem) or attempting to pick up the Winter Queen's staff.

If she is the Summer Queen, the deal will be broken and the king's power restored. If not, she becomes the Winter Girl, who can feel only icy coldness and loneliness, and has to warn and deter the next girl chosen from picking up the staff. But, only until another girl picks up the staff, whereby she either becomes the Summer Queen, or becomes the Winter Girl, will the current Winter Girl be released.

Ack, I think I gave away too much of the book, already.

Interested? Intrigued? Want to know more? Then, buy the book. And then, come and gripe with me as we wait for Ink Exchange to get here. I already read it's prologue (the author, Melissa Marr, posted it on her
LJ blog) and I am now as impatient as I was last year, after finishing New Moon, and finding out Eclipse wouldn't be out for another 3-5 months.

You can also visit her author website here: http://www.melissa-marr.com/

Melissa Marr actually has an on-going art competition, and I've been tempted to submit something since September last year. Except I can never get around to doing it, and there always seems to be something more important to focus on... such as exams.

I should definitely sleep now, or do something else than type here. My days are melting away and soon, I'll be unprepared and out of time; somebody please shoot me now. And it's been two weeks since he last posted on my wall. Where is he?

Because I miss him. I miss the sudden surge of excitement I get, and the giggles I make whenever I read his replies. I need it now, more than ever.