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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
1:06 AM

Since I did fall sick after my last post, and was sick for a pretty long time too... lots of stuff happened. Such as the Colbie Caillat showcase in the Curve. Which completely rocked and was so much fun (partly due to the heavy rain falling on us, actually. I thought that was cool. Only...it soaked everyone but mine's posters... so maybe it wasn't that cool.) despite the fact, I was on the verge of collapsing the whole time because of this weird pain in my chest. I think my clothes shrunk since they were wet and made it worse, but still. It was fun.

Colbie signed our CDs afterwards, and then later my mom got Claire and I some late-night McD. Wheee. And then, the next day when I woke up, Lee Yee messaged me that Click's coming back on June 7th... but in Genting?! I kind of freaked out at that. But, thank God, my mom didn't. So, I think I can go. But, Click is totally going to suck our money dry. Dry. It's in the Arena of Stars! And we have to get a hotel room to stay in too. Grrr.

Hopefully, we can get the point discount from Winnie's uncle's card on the VIP tickets, and stuff. Otherwise... *slitting throat motion*. Boo. This sucks.

And while I was sick, I had lots of time to think, and I think I have too much unnecessary stuff. So, I've started giving away the stuff I don't feel like keeping. Such as my old stuffed animals, parts of my keychain collection, books I've read but don't have space to keep them in...

Some of my other stuff is pretty much old junk. So those will be recycled or donated. I'll still have quite a bit of stuff left after, but it'll be the stuff I really wanna keep. Actually, I'm copying what the character in one of my books did. And she was an awesome character. (Plus, she ended up with the hot guy she liked in the end too...)

Ok. I'm also giving up stuff because I know I'll be moving soon, and I can't lug everything with me. My mom's gonna have to clear up the stuff in our house too (which is a big pile of mess, I tell you) before we move.

And I HATE math. It's so hard. I cannot Think Math, like the book tells me too. I can only think. The numbers make no sense. At all. And I feel like I'm not soaking up anything I read either. I am so screwed. Screwed. But hey, at least it gives me something to say on this blog. Normally, I'm at a loss for words here.

Oh, and Melissa, Winnie, Lee Yee and Claire were at Colbie, just to let you know. In my last post, I said that Melissa would be coming back for the term holidays, and she did! We went out on the Sunday before the Colbie showcase too, but I was still so sick then, and it was sadly very boring... besides walking around the Curve and Cineleisure, buying some magazines (which ripped Lee Yee off when it gave her only half of the promised poster...) and catching a cheerleading performance.

Vivien had her Mesopotamian birthday on Sunday, so I got her ready a lot of presents. Or stuff. And my friend, Vicky, invited me to her birthday party this Thursday, so I've wrapped her up a present with a card already. My terror cousin didn't have a birthday party this year, surprisingly. But, good riddance. It's tough finding her something since she's rich enough to buy everything.

Let's see... what else? Hmmm. I'm wondering how many more birthdays are coming up which will give me more opportunities to give away stuff. Oops. I did not just say that. Ahhh, well. My mom said I can give her all the books I don't want, because her friends are starting a library for poor people in the Philippines, and they need books, obviously.

Now, if I could only find uses for all the paper files and notebooks I have.

Sometimes, it amazes me at how much money I spent when I was younger... on stuff I didn't really need, but just because I wanted it. No more impulse spending for me. Not if I want to live to see the next concert coming my way.

The only stuff I'm not bothering to consider for giving away, would be my bag collection. You can never have enough bags. Right now, my favorite for using would be the yellow-orange tote bag with a brown elephant on it which my dad got me from wherever he last went overseas. That bag is really convenient for tossing stuff inside, and it looks better on my outfits than the bright green one does.

Pshhh. I talk too much. I should probably let everyone who reads this know that if they want any free books, these are some of the ones I'm giving away:

The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
Girl Overboard (S.A.S.S.) by Aimee Ferris
Pardon My French (S.A.S.S.) by Cathy Hapka
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

If you're interested in any one of them, drop me a line. If nobody wants them, I'll most probably be donating them to my mom's library cause. So, yeah.