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Monday, March 31, 2008
F.T. Island
12:15 AM

Today should have been really happy and fun and exciting, and a great way to end the month of March. And it wasn't.

Claire won a pair of tickets to go see F.T. Island's concert in Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre, and she invited me. Of, course, it was actually like a dream come true, because I was daydreaming about how nice it'd be to go their concert after seeing their music video on MTV and having it flash in a red banner below about the concert.

And I was also thinking how impossible it'd be since I have no money and there's just no possible way I could go. And then, Claire tells me she's won tickets!

Like, one of the best miracles ever. :]

But, then... today, the day which should have been so much fun, was completely ruined thanks to a bunch of fussy managers and organisers, leaving the concert CANCELED.


I cannot remember the last time I felt so unbelievably disappointed. And I rushed my parents to take me home from my grandparents' house so I wouldn't be late for nothing.

Gahhh, I'm still hoping it'll be replaced, instead of permanently canceled. It'd be such a waste if it wasn't.

Ok. Calm down. Let's think about other things, such as, Music & Lyrics.

I just saw it on HBO last night, and I really liked it. Hugh Grant may be kind of old, but he's still hot. And his eyes like turn downwards at the sides making him look a bit like a cute puppy. Plus, it was hilariously funny and the ending was so sweet. I guess I also just like the songwriting aspect.

But what I really liked was the songs, especially Way Back Into Love. Did you know it was written by Adam Schlesinger, the same guy who wrote Just The Girl? I didn't.

I managed to find a full version of it, sung by Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. There's another version which is sung with Haley Bennett instead, and it's a bit less acoustic than this one is.

I couldn't embed it (as usual), so you'll have to click here to listen. And I'm probably gonna go searching for it's sheet music now.

So, I know I haven't been updating my blog regularly at all, so I shall try my very best to blog more often from now on. :]