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Monday, January 14, 2008
4:35 PM

I'm paranoid over what clothes to pack. I keep thinking I'm going to need this tank top or that shirt for some weird reason, and I end up packing both. I feel like taking my entire closet with me. I think I've already overpacked in terms of blouses and tops; somehow I magically stuffed all my clothes into my tiny suitcase.

And I
know I am gonna be 16 this year, but I can't resist packing a couple of stuff toys too. I used to bring all of them with me, but the number of stuff toys I have kind of multiplied over 8 years, so I have like 6 times the numberI brought with me when I was 8 to the Philippines. I used to OCD over them too, like arranging them by size, naming them, fixing their coats and ribbons, rotating turns of when I'm supposed to hug them every night of the week, and I'd go ballistic if I found out that I'd left one of them at home whenever we go on holiday. This is how lame I can be. :]

I'm also going paranoid over the airline losing my luggage. And come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't bring any stuff toys this time. It'd look weird if I was hugging them in my sleep. x]

You know, I still remember how cold the mornings in the hotels in Philippines can be. And I can't wait to meet Issa, Tin, Cami, Janella, and everyone else. And I'll be in Manila in time for the MCR concert... eventhough I don't like MCR. But if people I know are going, I'll take my chances and ask. They are cheaper than Click was, after all. But, I have to save up money for other concerts too. Which reminds me: I need to calculate my allowance for January. :D

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